We are committed to making the planet a greener place by tackling climate change.


Climate change is, and has been for a long time, an issue that we, the Music Monkey team, feel passionately towards. We are now committed to lowering the impact of climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and by raising awareness of this rising issue.

We understand that not everyone is as passionate as we are towards actively reducing climate change, but if we are all a little more conscious day-by-day and act upon this, we believe that we can all make a big change.

We hope to spread this mesage not just to schools, but to everybody sharing this beautiful planet that is Earth.

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So what are we doing to help?

  • All of our products are digital - this means we are 100% paper free.

  • We are actively contributing to organisations committed to tackling climate change and similiar causes by donating, volunteering and spreading awareness

  • We are spreading the word in our own way, hoping to reach ears that are willing to listen.


How can you help?

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Be conscious.

Think of the enviromental impact your actions will have. It may not always be possible to do the best thing environmentally, but being conscious will allow us to take the right steps towards a cleaner planet by thinking about what is best for it.


Reduce your carbon footprint.

A million small actions has just the same impact as one large action. If we do minor things, such as turn off an unused light or choose to walk to the local shop instead of drive, we can all, collectively, make a huge reduction to the amount of CO2 and other pollutants being outputted into the air.


Spread The Word.

If you're reading this, chances are, you care about our planet too. We hope that we can spread the message to people brave enough to listen and help do our part towards keeping a green planet. 

From all of us at Music Monkey:

Thankyou for taking the time to veiw this page.

Our Eco package is coming soon!