Who we are.

We are a mixed team of creatives, namely teachers and musicians, that bond and come together through our mutual passion for singing and education. With years of experience behind us from both musical and educational backgrounds, ease-of-use is importnant to us. We want to make the experience of purchasing and using our products as streamlined as possible, saving you valuable time as a teacher; no more relying on old resources that are awkward to use.

We pride ourself on our abilities to write fun and engaging songs with educational lyrics that are littered with facts and new words for children to learn in an enjoyable way. You may even learn some things yourself along the way! 

From all of us at Music Monkey, we invite you to try our new approach to singing and learning and we hope you and your classes can find enjoyment out of our resources.

Made specifically for Primary Schools.

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What we do.

Our songs are created with a purpose; to educate whilst having fun, through singing.

We aim to encourage children (and teachers!) to reap the benefits of singing. It can boost your mood, promote a healthy well-being and spread that feel-good factor!

When writing our lyrics, extra thought goes into the process so that we can include words that aim to educate and challenge the listeners, such as ‘architectural feat’ & ‘hexagonal delight’.

Did you know for example; ‘The sun, the moon, the stars … three flowers in one’ from the song ‘Make A Wish On A Dandelion’ refers to the three stages of a dandelion’s flowering cycle? The first representing the sun with its yellow petals; the second representing the moon once the seeds have developed and globed; and the third representing the stars as the seeds disperse into the wind.

We understnad the stress that comes with working in an educational enviroment, so we have put our heads together and come up with an easy-to-use, hassle-free product that will save you valuable time and won't leave you pulling your hair out at incompatible resources.

Recorded to the highest standard.

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  • Your search for new singing resources is over.

Your search for new singing resources is over.